How to register chatGPT account,ChatGPT registration strategy is coming

A few days ago, OpenAI launched Super God ChatGPT, which is very popular. However, due to force majeure, most people cannot experience it. Here I share the registration strategy.


  • First of all, be able to visit Google (preconditions, cannot be clearly stated, understand everything)
  • You must have a foreign mobile phone number, GV number is definitely not acceptable.
    • If you do not have a mobile phone number abroad, recommend

Register SMS platform and recharge

  • Pre-registration at
  • After registration, perform the corresponding recharge

The code receiving fee is 10.5 rubles, about 1.2 RMB. Because the recharge defaults to USD, you can choose to recharge 1 USD,

Sign up for an OpenAI account

  • Open the page to register accordingly.
    • Here you also need to be able to access Google and the ip is not Hong Kong, preferably the United States, Singapore, etc., otherwise it will prompt that you cannot serve in the current country.
  • After the registration is successful, enter the page below to fill in the mobile phone number

Ready to pick up code

What needs to be noted here is that currently only Brazil and India seem to support it. Indonesia, which I chose before, can receive codes.

  • Then fill in the mobile phone number you applied for on the page where you just filled in the mobile phone number

Start using ChatGPT

After registration, we go to the ChatGPT website to log in.

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